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Because we have subconscious programs running for every aspect of life, hypnotherapy can help with a wide variety of issues including weight loss, quitting sugar, alcohol, smoking and other addictions, changing bad habits like nail biting, releasing phobias, anxiety and depression, building self-esteem and confidence, releasing fear of public speaking, improving your relationship with money and supporting business success.

Here are a few areas that I specialise in, which respond really well to hypnosis:

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Time to lighten up!

When it comes to losing weight, we all know about diet and exercise. But there's another important piece that is not talked about as much - Mindset.


A weight release program with hypnosis covers many different facets of what's needed in order to shift and release extra weight in a long-lasting, sustainable way.


We look at the beliefs you have around yourself, your body, your relationship with food and your relationship with exercise. We change habits. We can address cravings and sleep, support the mind in finding problem foods unappealing and healthy foods even more appealing or delicious.


We can also look at the reasons why your body might be holding on to extra weight at a metaphysical level. For example, the need for a protective layer or for some reason to be unattractive.

The Virtual Gastric Band program is also available, which provides the equivalent of an actual gastric band surgery through the medium of hypnosis, so that your mind believes you've had the surgery even though its only happened in your imagination.

This is NOT a diet, yes we have healthy guidelines to follow and hypnosis reduces the food intake, but clearing out all the stuff that's going on underneath makes it so much easier. We will not give you advice or tell you what to eat, as you already know what is good for your body. To be able to have one piece of chocolate or a biscuit and enjoy it without guilt, is something that clients absolutely love!! AND they still lose weight! 


Confidence & Self Esteem

Stronger everyday

When you are in this deeply relaxed state, your subconscious mind can access information and accept positive suggestions for behavioural change and the control of overthinking, anxiety and unhelpful thought patterns.


Trauma Release

Time to let it go.

The Trauma Release Protocol allows us to work through traumatic events and memories, or even to work through big emotions, without even knowing why or how they began


The Trauma Release Protocol works with our implicit memories. Because what happens is, in a moment of perceived trauma an imprint can be stored within the nervous system. Now this doesn't even have to be trauma with a capital "T". It can be as small an event as one of your siblings stealing your toy, or being at a sleepover and having the other girls ignore you.


But what happens is you can store these imprints within our nervous system, which then cause a nervous system response. These responses can then affect our day to day lives today, especially when it comes to feeling emotions. For example, anger or sadness that are completely out of proportion with the events themselves. When that happens we know that there are implicit memories which need to be cleared.


The great thing about this protocol is that we can do that work in a safe manner. And there's no need to go digging through the experiences themselves - in fact the hypnotherapist doesn't necessarily even need to know the details.


So it's a really fast, effective transformative way to allow yourself to let go of what's holding you back and move forward into the future with confidence and peace.



Time for relief 

Australian researchers showed that hypnotherapy is an effective treatment for irritable bowel syndrome. The team from Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, showed hypnotherapy was equal in effectiveness to the low FODMAP diet for relieving symptoms of IBS such as bloating and abdominal pain.



Time for freedom.

Hypnotherapy can help with anxiety in many ways, First of all, is understanding the symptoms of anxiety and how and why they affect us so that we can start to just acknowledge those symptoms with curiosity instead of thinking that there's something seriously wrong.


Hypnosis can help, because even just being in the state of hypnosis can switch our nervous systems out of "fight or flight" and into "rest and digest".

Studies have shown that spending time in hypnosis, for example, listening to a self hypnosis audio recording, is just as restorative as having a deep eight hour sleep. And it doesn't even matter what the subject of the recording is, so just being in hypnosis itself can help you to calm down.


Of course we do a lot more than just that in your hypnosis program! 

We cover tools and tips of how you can help yourself when you are feeling anxious or having a panic attack. As well as covering an understanding of what's happening and why. We'll also get into the belief systems that you have that are contributing to that anxiety to help you manage your thoughts and to think more helpful better feeling thoughts.


Plus, we resolve any past issues or trauma or contributing events. For example, the beginning of the chain of anxiety can be just some small childhood event. By resolving that event and releasing the anxiety we can break the chain. Therefore, events that happen from now on are associated with emotions that are completely in proportion for the event itself. We also equip you with tools moving forward to help avoid anxiety in the future.



Time to kick butt!

Hypnotherapy helps with stopping smoking in multiple ways.


We can address the habit of smoking at a practical level - releasing muscle memory of smoking, bringing in positive habits and attitudes, instead of putting something in your mouth and inhaling. At a deeper level we can also look at the reasons why you might want to smoke, going well beyond an addiction to nicotine because nicotine actually leaves the body within days. Ultimately it's more of a habit of action that's driven by a habit of thought.

So we identify what those thoughts are, we do any work that needs to be done around them and we change those thoughts to something that serves you better for stepping into your new life as a smoke free person.


We can also support the body in releasing the effects of smoking, helping your body to begin to restore itself.


How long would it take to quit smoking with hypnotherapy?

That's a tricky question to answer because everybody does it differently. The great thing about purchasing a hypnotherapy package for stopping smoking, is that we can do the deep work but there's also accountability.


So by working with a hypnotherapist for a series of sessions. You can address the beliefs and habit changes needed to become a non-smoker. Plus you can receive support as you go along that journey, as well as dealing with any other issues that might come up, now that the habit of smoking has been released.

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